Young Jonn- Go Hard (Official Audio)

Young Jonn- Go Hard

Young Jonn, the talented artist, has recently released two highly anticipated singles, “Go Hard” and “Disconnect,” both of which will be featured on his debut album. The first track, “Disconnect,” has a captivating amapiano-esque sound that perfectly captures the feeling of wanting to disconnect, unwind, and recharge from the busy and demanding aspects of adult life.

Following that, Young Jonn presents an anthem for the hustlers with “Go Hard.” The title itself speaks volumes as he urges listeners to go all out and give it their all in the pursuit of success. True to his signature style, this track is not just a motivational message but also a catchy party bop and a street anthem. It will undoubtedly get you pumped up and ready to conquer your goals, all while singing along and dancing. It’s expected to become a popular December anthem and an even bigger tune as people embrace the start of a new year by setting their resolutions.

To listen to these incredible tracks, click on the link below:

[Link to Young Jonn’s “Disconnect” and “Go Hard” singles]

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