Yamê – Bécane (Official Video)

Yamê - Bécane (Official Video)

Yamê, a talented artist, has released a captivating official music video for her song “Bécane.” The video, directed by Mateo Da Silva and produced by DIGITAL NAK, showcases Yamê’s artistic vision and creativity.

The video features a stunning visual production, with vibrant colors and captivating scenes that complement the song’s energy. Yamê’s unique style and performance shine through, captivating viewers from start to finish.

The video also includes a talented cast, including Ian kegs, Prince ayon, mr.bagarreur de la sap, Krixian Siakam, Suleman Walad, Dashor, and Le fantôme. Their presence adds depth and enhances the overall experience of the music video.

Special thanks are given to the city of Douala, the Port of Douala, M. Samuel Mvondo from the syndicat Moto, M. Olivier Mundo, Pagal BALEBA, and Stan 9Five. Their contributions and support made the video possible.

To stay updated with Yamê’s latest content, you can follow her on Tiktok (@yamebantu), Instagram (@yamebantu), and Facebook (@yamelebantu).

Overall, Yamê’s “Bécane” music video is a visually stunning and captivating experience that showcases her talent and creativity. It is a must-watch for fans of her music and those who appreciate unique and engaging visuals.

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