Timaya – Dey Your Dey

“Timaya – Dey Your Dey” is a captivating music release that showcases the talents of Nigerian artist Timaya. Released under DM Records / EMPIRE, the track brings together the creative genius of Timaya and producer Masterkraft.

“Dey Your Dey” is a melodic and rhythmic composition that combines catchy beats with Timaya’s smooth vocals. The track exudes a vibrant energy, inviting listeners to groove along to its infectious rhythm. With its well-crafted production, courtesy of Masterkraft, the song stands out as an impressive addition to Timaya’s discography.

Timaya’s lyrical prowess shines through in “Dey Your Dey,” as he effortlessly expresses his thoughts and emotions. The composition showcases his ability to convey a message while maintaining an enjoyable musical experience. Through his lyrics, Timaya addresses the concept of minding one’s own business and focusing on personal growth, a message that can resonate with listeners on various levels.

With its release on YouTube, “Dey Your Dey” has undoubtedly captured the attention of music enthusiasts around the world. Timaya’s talent, combined with Masterkraft’s skillful production, makes this track a must-listen for fans of afrobeats and Nigerian music in general.

Overall, “Dey Your Dey” by Timaya is a testament to the artist’s musical prowess and ability to create captivating compositions. This release showcases the unique blend of talent and creativity that Timaya brings to the table, solidifying his position as one of Nigeria’s most prominent artists in the industry.

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