T-Pain – On Top Of The Covers (Live From The Sun Rose)

T-Pain - On Top Of The Covers (Live From The Sun Rose)

Nappy Boy Entertainment presents T-Pain – On Top Of The Covers (Live From The Sun Rose). This exclusive and intimate performance by T-Pain took place in March and all three nights were sold out instantly. Now, T-Pain has decided to release the full performance for his fans to enjoy during this gift-giving season.

The performance includes a variety of never-before-heard covers that T-Pain delivered with his signature style. From classics like “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “American Woman” to contemporary hits like “Stay With Me,” T-Pain showcases his versatility and talent throughout the show.

Backed by a talented band, T-Pain’s performance is elevated by the skills of the musicians. Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones Jr. takes on the role of music director, bassist, and keyboardist, while Curt Chambers handles the guitar. Clemons Poindexter brings the energy on drums, and Joe Flip Wilson adds depth with his keyboard skills. The background vocals, directed by Porcha Clay, are handled by Chelsea ‘Peaches’ West, Kirsten Dawkins, and Jasmine Patton.

For those who missed the live performance, T-Pain has made it available on various streaming services. You can listen to On Top Of The Covers (Live From The Sun Rose) on your preferred platform.

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Experience the captivating live performance by T-Pain and immerse yourself in his unique take on these covers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness his talent firsthand. #tpain #ontopofthecovers #music

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