QUAVO x RICH THE KID – REAL ONE (Official Video)

Quavo’s music video for “REAL ONE” is a visual masterpiece, showcasing a blend of creative direction and production. Directed and produced by Jesus Garcia, the video captures the essence of the song with its vibrant visuals and dynamic scenes. Collaborating with Brysmadworld for co-production, editing, and color grading, the video maintains a cohesive and engaging aesthetic throughout.

The use of VHS by Jesus Garcia adds a nostalgic touch to the visuals, creating a unique atmosphere that complements the music. Additionally, the VFX work by Jabari Washington enhances the overall viewing experience, adding a layer of depth and creativity to the video.

The cover art for “REAL ONE” is equally captivating, with photography by Jesus Garcia and art direction/design by Brysmadworld. The synergy between the visuals and the music in this project is evident, making it a standout piece in Quavo’s discography.

Overall, the collaboration between the talented individuals involved in the creation of this music video has resulted in a visually stunning and engaging piece of art that perfectly complements the music of “REAL ONE.”

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