Pheelz – JOY (feat. Olamide)

Pheelz – JOY (feat. Olamide)

JOY by Pheelz featuring Olamide is a track from the album “Pheelz Good (Triibe Tape)” released by Rii Collective. The song was produced by Philip Kayode Moses and showcases the collaboration between Pheelz and Olamide. The track features a catchy melody, energetic beats, and impressive guitar work by Oluwafemi Abolade Ogunleye. With its vibrant composition and dynamic vocals, JOY is a testament to the talent and creativity of both artists involved in its creation. The mixing and mastering of the song were done by Leandro Hidalgo, ensuring a polished and professional sound. Overall, JOY is a fantastic addition to Pheelz’s discography and highlights the musical prowess of all the individuals involved in its production.

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