Mercy Chinwo – I’m In Awe (Official Audio)

Mercy Chinwo - I'm In Awe (Official Audio)

Mercy Chinwo’s song ‘I’m In Awe’ from the album “Overwhelming Victory” beautifully captures the essence of being in awe of the Lord. The lyrics express gratitude and admiration for God’s transformative power, emphasizing the beauty and privilege of being called His own. Through verses that highlight God’s ability to make all things new and turn situations around, the song portrays Him as a reliable and awe-inspiring presence in the singer’s life. The repetitive chants and chorus further reinforce the theme of awe and reverence towards the divine. Mercy Chinwo’s soulful rendition conveys a deep sense of gratitude and wonder, making ‘I’m In Awe’ a poignant musical tribute to the magnificence of God.

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