Joezi & Lizwi – Amathole

Joezi & Lizwi – Amathole

“Amathole” by Joezi featuring Lizwi, Jonathan Gary Zirah, and Nokuphiwa Sybil Mbatha is a captivating track that blends traditional African sounds with modern electronic beats. The fusion of vocals and instrumentals creates a rich and dynamic listening experience that transports the audience to a cultural journey through music. Lizwi’s soulful voice, combined with Jonathan Gary Zirah’s intricate production, harmonizes beautifully with Joezi’s rap verses, adding depth and texture to the song. Nokuphiwa Sybil Mbatha’s contribution further elevates the track, enhancing the overall mood and energy. “Amathole” is a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity in music, showcasing the beauty of cultural diversity and artistic expression.

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