Dua Lipa – Houdini (London Sessions) Shazam Mp3 Download 2024

Houdini (London Sessions) by Dua Lipa Mp3 Download

“Houdini (London Sessions)” is a captivating song by Dua Lipa, released under exclusive license to Warner Records UK. This unique version showcases the incredible talent and creativity of the artists involved in its production.

The song features a dynamic combination of instruments and vocals. Adam Wade on drums, Alexander Lanyon on guitar, and Georgiana Ward on keyboards contribute to the vibrant and energetic sound. The arrangement and production by Danny L Harle, along with his drum programming and synthesizer work, add depth and texture to the track.

Dua Lipa’s vocals shine throughout the song, displaying her exceptional range and control. The backing vocals provided by Caroline Ailin, Ciara O’Connor, Danny L Harle, Kevin Parker, Naomi Scarlett, Tobias Jesso Jr., and William Bowerman enhance the overall harmonies and add layers to the composition.

The mixing, done by Geoff Swan and Josh Gudwin, ensures that every element of the song is balanced and sonically pleasing. The mastering by Chris Gehringer further enhances the overall quality and clarity of the track.

The composition credits include Caroline Ailin, Danny L Harle, Dua Lipa, Kevin Parker, and Tobias Jesso Jr. Their combined songwriting skills contribute to the captivating lyrics and memorable melodies of “Houdini (London Sessions).”

In summary, “Houdini (London Sessions)” is a remarkable song that showcases the talent and artistic vision of Dua Lipa and the team involved in its creation. The dynamic instrumentation, captivating vocals, and exceptional production make this track a standout addition to Dua Lipa’s discography.


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