David Guetta & Kim Petras – When We Were Young (The Logical Song) [Seth Hills remix] Shazam Mp3 Download 2024

When We Were Young (The Logical Song) by David Guetta & Kim Petras Mp3 Download

David Guetta and Kim Petras have joined forces to release their latest single, “When We Were Young (The Logical Song).” This collaboration brings together the talents of both artists, resulting in a captivating and energetic track.

The song, produced by David Guetta and Jakke Erixson, showcases their ability to create infectious beats and catchy melodies. With additional production by Timofey Reznikov, the track is masterfully mixed and mastered, ensuring a high-quality listening experience.

“When We Were Young (The Logical Song)” also features Madison Love on backing vocals, adding depth and texture to the vocals. The song incorporates elements from “The Logical Song,” written by Roger Hodgson and Richard Davies, creating a nostalgic and familiar feel.

The track is a testament to the artists’ ability to create music that resonates with listeners. It effortlessly blends different genres and styles, resulting in a unique and memorable sound. From start to finish, “When We Were Young (The Logical Song)” is a captivating and dynamic musical journey.

To stay updated with David Guetta and Kim Petras’ latest releases and updates, you can follow them on their respective social media platforms. David Guetta can be found on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and his official website. Similarly, Kim Petras can be followed on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and her official website.

Additionally, if you’re interested in exploring more music from Roger Hodgson, you can check out his YouTube channel, as well as his presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and his official website.

Be sure to give “When We Were Young (The Logical Song)” a listen and experience the incredible collaboration between David Guetta and Kim Petras.


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