David Guetta and MORTEN – The Future Is Now

David Guetta and MORTEN – The Future Is Now

“The Future Is Now” by David Guetta and MORTEN is a track that embodies the cutting-edge sound of Future Rave. Released under the exclusive license of Spinnin’ Records, this collaboration showcases the talent and creativity of both artists. With David Guetta and MORTEN at the helm as producers and programmers, along with the contributions of Mike Hawkins and Toby Green, the track delivers a powerful and dynamic listening experience. The song’s writers, including David Guetta, Mikkel Cox, Morten Breum, and Tobias Frederiksen, have crafted a track that pushes boundaries and sets the tone for the future of electronic music. “The Future Is Now” is a testament to innovation and forward-thinking in the world of dance music.

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