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Night In by Brittney Spencer


You wanna get dressed

And hit the town

But I’d rather lay low

Than run around

It’s been a week

Felt like three

I’ve got my own idea of VIP

Got everything we’ll ever need

Here on this couch

Blow up your plans

And chill with me

Cuz we ain’t going out

I just want a night in

Getting high with friends

Not a night on the town killing time again

No high heel stumbling down the city streets

No drunk boys mumbling can I buy you a drink

Turn my phone off

Get a little gone

All this turning it up ain’t really turning me on

I need sweat pants vibing to an old CD

And my day ones next to me

I just want a night in

We can binge snacks

And stupid shows

Ain’t no bouncer here to tell us when to go

Ain’t gotta waste time

On any lines

Ain’t gotta go broke

To catch a vibe

Got everything we’ll ever need here on this couch

Fuck up your plans

And chill with me

Cuz we ain’t going out

La di da di la di da da da (x3)

See I’m just a homegirl

Just wanna-be-home girl

So can we stay home, girl?

Cuz you’re my homegirl |

I’m just a homegirl

I’d rather be home girl

Can we stay home girl

Cuz you’re my homegirl


I just want a night in

In her song “Night In,” Brittney Spencer expresses her desire to have a relaxed and enjoyable night at home rather than going out. She highlights the joy of spending quality time with friends, getting high, and enjoying each other’s company without the need for extravagant plans or expensive outings.

The lyrics convey a sense of contentment and the preference for a cozy night in, where the focus is on comfortable clothes and familiar surroundings. Spencer emphasizes the appeal of turning off distractions, such as phones, and immersing oneself in the moment. She finds solace in the simplicity of lounging on the couch, surrounded by loved ones and indulging in snacks and entertainment.

Through her lyrics, Spencer challenges the notion that a night out is the only way to have fun. She embraces the idea of creating meaningful memories and connections in a relaxed setting, free from the pressures and expenses often associated with a night on the town.

“Night In” captures the essence of finding happiness in the little things and cherishing the company of close friends. It serves as a reminder that sometimes the most fulfilling experiences can be found within the comfort of our own homes.


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