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I Got Time by Brittney Spencer MP3 Download

“I Got Time” by Brittney Spencer is a lively and upbeat country song that captures the essence of summertime freedom and adventure. The lyrics paint a picture of escaping the monotony of everyday life, hitting the open road, and embracing the carefree spirit of the season.

The song begins with the protagonist expressing their desire for a change of scenery, craving both a refreshing breeze and the allure of the unknown. They’ve been working tirelessly, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Friday. The mention of a honey bee buzzing along and a gentle touch on their knee adds a touch of excitement and anticipation.

As the song progresses, the chorus emphasizes the idea of seizing the moment and making the most out of the present. The protagonist wants to embark on a journey, urging their companion to fill up the gas tank and avoid any delays. They compare themselves to cinnamon on a dashboard, symbolizing their desire to add a hint of sweetness and spice to their shared experience. The mention of a one, two step and a rainbow down the interstate evoke a sense of playful energy and freedom.

The second verse introduces a playful and flirtatious tone, with the protagonist likening themselves to a classic teal Chevrolet, exuding a sense of thrill and excitement. They envision themselves basking in the sunshine, wearing stylish sunglasses, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. The mention of a country song playing through the speakers sets the mood for an enjoyable and memorable time.

The chorus is repeated, reinforcing the idea of seizing the moment and embracing the summertime vibe. The protagonist emphasizes that they have time to spare and are ready to have a good time. The repetition of “aye aye aye aye aye” adds a catchy and energetic element to the song.

In conclusion, “I Got Time” by Brittney Spencer is an infectious country song that encapsulates the spirit of summertime adventure and living in the moment. With its upbeat tempo, playful lyrics, and catchy chorus, the song invites listeners to embrace spontaneity and enjoy the freedom that comes with the season.


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