Billie Eilish – everything i wanted

Billie Eilish – everything i wanted

“everything i wanted” is a captivating and introspective song by the talented artist Billie Eilish. Released in 2019, this track showcases Billie’s unique style and emotional depth.

Produced by Finneas O’Connell, who also contributes as an associated performer, background vocalist, bassist, drummer, pianist, and synthesizer player, “everything i wanted” is a testament to the siblings’ incredible musical collaboration. The studio personnel, including engineer Rob Kinelski and mastering engineer John Greenham, have done an exceptional job in refining the sound and ensuring a top-notch production.

The lyrics, co-written by Finneas O’Connell and Billie Eilish O’Connell, delve into themes of vulnerability, fame, and the desire for genuine connection. Billie’s vocals beautifully convey the emotions behind the lyrics, creating a haunting and evocative atmosphere throughout the song.

With its thought-provoking lyrics and mesmerizing melodies, “everything i wanted” is a powerful addition to Billie Eilish’s discography. It’s a testament to her ability to create music that resonates deeply with listeners, touching on universal experiences and emotions. This track is a must-listen for fans of Billie Eilish and anyone who appreciates heartfelt and introspective music.

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